Get ready for the event

Checks and useful tips

Racetrack driving is very demanding for you and your car. To safely exploit your car performance you’d better read this checklist before.

  • Check your tyre wear.
  • Check the brake and brake pads.
  • Monitor the tyre pressure.
  • Properly adjust the driver’s seat and mirrors for track duty.
  • Windshield and car windows must be clean.
  • Track briefing is mandatory.
  • Helmet, don’t forget your helmet!

In order to prevent inconvenient drawbacks, you should read on to find out more:

  • Bring a basic set of tools with you.
  • A tow hook could be essential when things go wrong.
  • Keeping a small supply of engine and brake fluid certainly can’t hurt.
  • Jumper cables... sometimes they let you come back home.

Get ready for the event

This is a list of advices gained over time, organizing and attending track days, we would like to share with you.



A racetrack being conceived for racing indeed prompts everyone to overdo it and push the car to the limit. Keep in mind: approaching the limit not crossing the line. You will not be alone on the track: therefore, it’s essential to behave correctly and watch out for others to have fun till the end of the day. It’s extremely important to be careful for your first stint on track: the tarmac might be slightly wet (especially in the morning), tyres and brake are clearly not at operating temperature. So, don’t try to push immediately and risk to damage your beloved car. Take the time to learn the track and to get your car at the right operating temperature.


Everyone will always find faster and slower cars. If someone’s faster than you and you are about to be overtaken, let it happen safely (using the turn signals and giving way is not a shame, but only fair play and common sense!). If you’re faster and going to overtake someone else, please pay attention and avoid tight bends or potential dangers. Every now and then, it just happens to be dragged into a challenge with other competitive drivers. So, remember that every challenge has its own uncertainties. So don’t be silly and let everyone go home safely on his own feet avoiding medical rescue.


A lot of drivers are sure about the flawless condition of their engines, but the track so often states otherwise. Stop immediately if you hear strange sound or if you spot weird smoke from the exhaust. It doesn’t take long to flood the tarmac with oil and to end the stint on track for a while, so, please, keep in mind to stop whenever you notice the first hints. Furthermore, every now and then when braking hard repeatedly, your pedal travel might get increasingly longer. It’s simple: the brakes are overheating. We bet you don’t want to park on the grass off the track, and it’s simply a matter of cooling the brake system going slowly for a couple of laps. Anyway, always pay close attention to the operating conditions of your car to avoid bigger problems.