3rd edition

Leftignition - 3rd edition

The event will take place on July, 1st, at Autodromo Riccardo Paletti in Varano de Melegari, Parma, Italy, esclusively reserved for the day. It's aimed at the entire range of Porsche cars (both classic and newer ones, suvs included) and will last all day long. 

Available for each participant paying a registration fee of 175€:
  • Racetrack for the exclusive use of Leftignition.
  • An hour of reserved track practice (divided in 20 minutes stints)*
  • New Porsche cars range test drives on track, road and offroad (aided by Porsche driving experience instructors)
  • Open bar available all day long
  • Reserved lunch on the terrace and at Leftignition lounge (by Parsifal catering)
  • Reserved and supervised paddock area
  • Pirelli gadgets and exclusive gift (registration needed!)
  • Event official sport t-shirt (by Errea)
  • Silver "Leftignition" engraved keychan by "Carboni 1950" jewelry (for drivers only).
  • Tag Heuer Gadget
  • Car wash kit by Mafra
  • Welcome kit offered by Fidenza Village Outlet
  • Bar service by Chinotto Neri
  • Welcome night offered to all partecipants at Fidenza Village Outlet on Friday 30th june including happy hour / light dinner and New Porsche Panamera test drive.
  • Chance to be selected by draw as the winner of a Tag Heuer watch and Sparco truck-related products.
The same is available for the codriver for 75€ (test drives and gadgets included unless otherwise specified).
*Partecipants with Porsche SUVs will not take part to track practice. They will be provided with a dedicated offroad track.

Registration time:  8:00 a.m.
Briefing: 8.30 a.m.
From 9:00 a.m. classic, new and test drive cars will take turns on track, divided by groups.

Prizes for participants
(By prize draw)

Our partners are pleased to offer precious prizes to all participants of Leftignition 3rd edition:
  • Tag Heuer will offer a prestigious cronograph.
  • Sparco will raffle 10 important products.

Event Registration

The registration to Leftignition 3rd edition must be executed on the dedicated website www.womboevents.it, where personal data of the driver and the eventual codriver will be requested.Furthermore, you could join (by specific registration) these offers by our partners inside the main registration form:

  • Our main sponsor Pirelli is pleased to offer a unique gift exclusively to participants of Leftignition.
  • Fidenza Village will offer a welcome party on friday 30th of June to all participants. From 5 p.m. at Fidenza Village, you will be welcomed in the reserved parking by Fidenza Village's hostesses, you will be offered a welcome drink and a light dinner, in cooperation with Chinotto Neri's and Moèt & Chandon professional barmen.The new Porsche Panamera will be available for test drives. Original Race T-shirt will be provided for free to the first 80 participants.

To accept the above mentioned offers, please check the specific box in the registration form on the website.

The deadline for registration and payment is on sunday 25 June 2017 (25/6/2017).
Limited number of places.
In case of non participation, the registration fee is non refundable.

Each driver and passenger must have:
  • driving licence
  • homologated helmet
  • ID